We customize our services to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

All organizations share common elements but they each have some unique and different requirements. The common elements include such things as a need for accurate financial statements, CRA filing and continued capacity development. We customize our services to meet the unique requirements of our clients.




Our profit oriented, small business clients generally require financial statements and some assistance with more complex accounting transactions or filing of CRA returns. They often benefit from customized training whether due to staff turnover or business growth.






Not for profit organizations generally require audited financial statements. There are often complex reporting demands from funding agencies, complex provincial laws to follow and demands from members for public accountability and transparency. Sometimes the accounting transactions can be a little more complex creating a need for continued training and self development.






First Nations are highly complex organizations; they include elements of government and in many cases “not for profit” entities and “profit oriented” business ventures. This wide scope of operations requires knowledge in many areas such as, but not limited to government reporting, trusts, business structures, corporations, taxation and limited partnerships.


First Nations are accountable to band members and funding agencies. This requires consolidated audited financial statements and an onerous amount of reporting. The demands on elected officials and staff are overwhelming and continued capacity development is a necessity.


We have extensive experience in working with First Nations and can help in all areas-– consolidated audited financial statements, audited financial statements for businesses and trusts, government reporting, structuring business operations, and capacity development at all levels.